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Established in 2013 Xpertise Training London has significantly evolved its skills, knowledge and ability over the years. It offers a spectrum of Corporate Courses from the IT Industry.  Apart from Oracle and courses we offer a varied range of courses from different domains and technologies like networking, CISCO courses, Microsoft courses, etc. Our aim is to become a leading IT training centre in the coming years. We help individuals and enterprise to learn and grasp new skills and expertise. We recognize the importance of growing technology base and help individuals and enterprises acquire new traits and open new avenues.

The courses are short duration and easily fit into anyone’s schedule. Our team includes experienced and competent professionals that thrive to master new technologies and incorporate the concepts into the course. Our trainers have hands on experience and in-depth knowledge of every technology being technical or managerial. The courses harness skills relevant to the domain of the trainee. Our dedicated trainers put in their heart and soul to enhance the technical and personal skills of an individual. Curriculum is designed so as to match the industry standards. It is updated and revised from time to time to keep pace with the changing technologies and trends.

Courses sum up all domain specific questions making it far more feasible and viable. We offer short term and affordable courses. Xpertise Training London strongly believe that the best way to communicate with the trainees is to have small batches of people. The trainer – trainee ratio is manageable and provides a more personnel learning experience. The labs are fully equipped with user friendly architecture. The labs gives hands on experience of real time scenario and how the course concepts would be implemented. Our training centre is located in Central London with access to all transport services. The office is next to the forthcoming Europe’s biggest shopping centre ‘Westfield Startford’. Xpertise Training London add value and dimensions to your personal & professional profile. Your passion to attain knowledge and growth, mixed with our team of dedicated professional’s together work to achieve success personally and financially. To know more about are courses and training schedules feel free to visit us at our office or call us . You can also mail us at info@xpertise-training.co.uk.


Why Train with Xpertise Training London?

At Xpertise Training London, we offer career focused professional certification training that helps the students to achieve the real working experience. Our training is focused specifically on hands on practical approach. To facilitates this, we have a dedicated lab facilities which help the student to guarantee the best practical experience.

Our course delivery method is instructor led taught by outstanding certified trainers having worked in the IT industry many years....
Our students can access our latest lab facilities 7 days a week to get extra practical experience during and after their studies.r...
We run late evening classes which give plenty of time to attend the classes after their work commitments...
Our class is consist of five students on average giving plenty of time for the instructors to give full attentions  to individuals.....


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Lab Facilities
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    Course Overview

      This Excel VBA instructional training courses in london class will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to benefit as much as possible from the programming potential outcomes in Excel. It plans to give progressed exceed expectations utilizes a careful prologue to Excel VBA programming. The key points that it spreads incorporate recorded macros, the full scale manager, utilizing and characterizing variables, making custom structures and working with the different articles inside Microsoft Excel. Exceed expectations VBA is generally used to computerize redundant undertakings in Excel. Run of the mill cases incorporate making diagrams from a standard information enter or making and designing reports from a crude unformatted set of information, yet given how broadly Excel is utilized it is utilized as a part of business it is utilized as a part of countless. This preparation is offered for all variants of Excel so Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. The course is educator driven, and includes taking a shot at various commonsense, hands on samples and activities in a workshop situation. Driven by exceptionally experienced Excel VBA mentors with numerous years of experience our courses guarantee that you will leave with loads of functional Excel VBA experience and in addition valuable tips and traps.

      Course Length: 60 Hours

      Evening Classes

    • Monday and Wednesday
    • 6:30pm - 9:30pm
    • 10 weeks
    • Saturday Classes

    • 10:00am - 5:00pm
    • 10 weeks

The course best suits those seeking to make their careers as excel vba administrators or analyst responsible for analyzing, administering and configuring networks. The program helps enhance the fundamental knowledge about Microsoft Server 2012. It enhances your knowledge and skills by familiarizing you with the basic concepts about excel vba. This program is perfect for:

  • System Administrators
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Administrators
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Fresher students and anyone who wish to work in network domain


    Why Choose Us?

    • Small class size which allows trainers to give required attention to each delegate
    • Flexible course schedules (Week Days, Weekend, Evenings) to suit your work and social life
    • Class room based, Tutor Led, hands-on training; giving you real life experience
    • Excellent Modern Facilities
    • Very affordable course fees without compromising on quality
    • All our courses are based on certification or project works
    • All our courses are Practical Based (Hands-on Training)
    • Taught by Certified Trainers
    • Employment Opportunities and Assisting in building your CV
    • Friendly and helpful staff
Course Content

Introduction to Excel VBA Programming

  • Understanding Macros
  • The Visual Basic Editor
  • Excel VBA Fundamentals
  • Variables, Data types, and Constants
  • VBA Procedures: Sub routines and functions
  • Decision Making with VBA
  • Repeating Actions in VBA
  • Working with Arrays
  • Working with Collections

  • Manipulating Files & controlling Other Applications with VBA

    • Manipulating Files and Folders with VBA
    • Controlling Other Applications with VBA
    • Using Excel with Microsoft Access

    • Enhancing the User Interface

      • Dialog Boxes and Custom Forms
      • Creating Custom Menus and Toolbars with VBA
      • Event-Driven Programming

      • Working with Local and Remote Databases

        • Exporting Data to Access Databases
        • Importing Data from Access Database
        • Connecting to Oracle / SQL Server databases
        • Reading data from Oracle/SQL Server databases
        • Exporting Excel Data to Remote Databases

        • Debugging, Printing and e-mailling

          • Debugging VBA Procedures and Handling Errors
          • Printing and Sending e-mails

          • Programming Special Features

            • Programming Pivot Tables and PivotCharts
            • Programming Special Features
            • Using and Programming Excel Lists
            • Programming the Visual Basic Editor

            • Excel and Web Technologies

              • HTML Programming and Web Queries
              • Excel and ASP
              • Using Microsoft Office Web Components
              • Using XML with Excel
              • Using and Programming Smart Tags

              • Excel and C# Integration

                • Writing C# programming to manipulate Excel data
                • From VBA to C#
                • The Excel Object Model
                • Using C# to access Excel
                • Creating stand-alone Excel applications
                • COM Add-ins
                • Worksheet functions and Automation Add-ins
                • Formulae in C#
                • Two-way Data Interoperability (NumericMatrix/Range)
                • Regex library
                • Using LINQ in C#
                • Creating WCF Services
About-Us Prepare yourself or your team to understand the concepts of excel vba and ensure that they can handle the challenges of handling critical networks effectively with our training certifications. You can choose an event that best suits your schedule from the below mentioned

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