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Course Overview

The The Security+ exam covers the most essential foundational standards for securing a system and overseeing hazard. Access control, character administration and cryptography are essential subjects on the exam, and additionally determination of proper relief and hindrance procedures to address system assaults and vulnerabilities. Security concerns connected with distributed computing, BYOD and SCADA are tended to in the SY0-401 exam.

Comptia Security+


Mitigating Events

  • System maintenance
  • Application security
  • Physical security
  • Malware
  • Social engineering


  • Symmetric cryptography
  • Public key cryptography


  • Authentication factors and requirements
  • Authentication systems
  • Authentication system vulnerabilities

User-and role-based Security

  • Baseline security policies
  • Resource access

Peripheral Security

  • File and disk encryption
  • Peripheral and component security
  • Mobile device security

Public Key Infrastructure

  • Public key cryptography
  • Implementing public key infrastructure
  • Web server security with PKI

Application and messaging Security

  • Application security
  • E-mail security
  • Social networking and messaging

Ports and Protocols

  • TCP/IP basics
  • Protocol-based attacks

Network Security

  • Network devices
  • Secure network topologies
  • Secure networking
  • Virtualization and cloud computing

Wireless Security

  • Wireless network security
  • Mobile device security

Remote Access Security

  • Remote access
  • Virtual private networks

Vulnerability Testing and Monitoring

  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Auditing and logging
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Incident response

Organisational Security

  • Organizational policies
  • Education and training
  • Disposal and destruction

Business Continuity

  • Business continuity planning
  • Disaster recovery
  • Environmental controls
Comptia Security+

Target Audience

Security professionals, government and military personnel seeking IAT-2 or IAM-1 certification to fulfill the 8570.1 Directive, network security personnel and managers with previous technical skills or background.


Comptia Security+ Prepare yourself or your team to understand the concepts of Comptia Security+ 2012 and ensure that they can handle the challenges of handling critical networks effectively with our training certifications. You can choose an event that best suits your schedule from the below mentioned


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